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The course fee is USD 149.
The course starts December 1st, 2023
Black Friday Special: 50% off till November 27th

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With specialized AI technology in facial recognition, you can now determine a new metric for your events OFFLINE. Find out how many different people have used the photo booth (as long as faces are visible). Impress corporate clients with these numbers! This AI feature, costing nearly €3,000 to develop, is free with the course. Don’t miss the chance to add this new value to your event. The bonus is available on Day 16.


Here are the planned topics of the newsletter. A new question and task will be added daily. As the world of AI tools changes daily, I reserve the right to adjust the agenda without prior notice.

  • Day 1: AI for Text Mastery - Your Entry into Content Redesign

    Join me on an exciting journey to discover how artificial intelligence can breathe new life into your blog posts and articles. Learn the five crucial steps - from seeking inspiration to publishing your ideas - and take your first steps towards mastering the art of creatively reimagining texts like a pro.

  • Day 2: Captivating Images - Your Start in Photorealistic AI Image Creation

    Join me on the path to creating stunning, photorealistic images with the help of AI tools. With just a few well-chosen prompts, you'll be able to craft images that rival the quality of high-end photography.

  • Day 3: The King of SEO Articles - Your Start into Profitable Writing

    Today, we set out to write SEO-friendly articles with ChatGPT. In eight simple steps, I'll show you how to go from brainstorming ideas to the visual design of your article, preparing you to launch into the world of profitable SEO writing.

  • Day 4: Plugin Power - Elevate Your ChatGPT Experience

    Today, we dive into the world of the best ChatGPT plugins that can significantly boost your AI writing process. From optimizing your prompts with 'Prompt Perfect' to handling PDFs with 'ChatWithPDF' - there's a wealth of discovery and learning awaiting you.

  • Day 5: Simplifying Presentations - AI for Engaging Speeches

    Ever faced the challenge of having to give a presentation on a specific topic? With ChatGPT and Microsoft PowerPoint, this process becomes significantly easier.

  • Day 6: From Algorithm to Authenticity - Avoiding the AI Tone in Your Texts

    Today, we tackle a growing challenge: avoiding the AI tone in our texts to evade AI detection systems. It's not just about sounding authentic but also about being honest and natural.

  • Day 7: Using Your Own Files in ChatGPT - Data Analysis Made Easy

    Now, I'm going to show you that ChatGPT is capable of much more than just generating text. It's super exciting, I promise.

  • Day 8: Social Media Success with AI Support

    In this edition, we explore how AI can revitalize our social media posts and help us stay relevant in the digital conversation. Through various creative challenges and prompts, this issue provides valuable insights inon how we can use ChatGPT to create personalized content, engage with our target audience, and increase the visibility of our posts.

  • Day 9: A Click to More Clicks - Refining Your Email Communication

    In today's edition, we delve into the art of crafting emails that are not just read but also responded to, from composing captivating subject lines to personalizing the message and from creating effective sales emails to sending thoughtful thank-you notes.

  • Day 10: GPT Deep Dive - Tips to Enhance Your ChatGPT Experience

    Today, I'm taking you on a journey to optimize your interactions with ChatGPT. From crafting explicit queries, adjusting the writing style, and setting response limits to visualizing with ASCII art, we'll discover various tricks to make your ChatGPT sessions more effective and enjoyable. Plus, I'll show how ChatGPT can serve as a springboard for collaboration with other AI tools.

  • Day 11: Persona - Define Your Ideal Customer

    If you offer your photo booths to everyone, no one will book them from you. Define your perfect target audience (persona) and align all your future business actions to it. It's worth it! $$$

  • Day 12: Custom Instructions - Your Key to Tailored ChatGPT Experiences

    In this issue, we introduce the feature of custom instructions in ChatGPT, which allows you to set unique commands to refine future interactions without the need for repetition.

  • Day 13: Creative Logo Design with AI Support

    In this issue, I explain how you can use the AI tool Midjourney for creative logo design. Through a step-by-step guide and inspiring examples, you'll be encouraged to use text prompts to create tailor-made logos.

  • Day 14: DALL-E3 - A Better Alternative to Midjourney?

    Midjourney isn't the only text-to-image AI out there. OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, also offers DALL-E3, another incredibly powerful tool. In this section, we'll delve into the differences between them.

  • Day 15: AI Marketing Support

    With ChatGPT as your marketing assistant, we'll walk through a robust campaign process from ideation to analysis. By understanding your target audience and optimizing communication strategies, you'll be ready to use ChatGPT to boost your brand's visibility and sales.

  • Day 16: AI Integration in Photobooths - What to Expect

    Beyond using AI to remove backgrounds without a greenscreen, there are now several other applications that are either market-ready or on the cusp of it.

  • Day 17: My Voice - Or AI's?

    A topic where many see a significant risk in AI misuse is the cloning of personal features, such as one's voice. However, it also presents an excellent opportunity to ease the workload in our daily professional lives.

  • Day 18: Dream Studio

    A perfect combination of Midjourney and DALL-E3

  • Day 19: Programming with AI

    GPT-4 can assist with many everyday challenges directly through software. You describe your problem, and GPT delivers the appropriate script in the programming language of your choice.

  • Day 20: To Be Decided - Work in Progress

    Work is still in progress on this topic.

Follow-Up Costs?

Yes, there are – and I won’t sugarcoat it.

In the digital world, free offers often come with the exchange of personal data. This applies to many AI tools as well. However, we offer a transparent and valuable alternative. Most tools introduced in this newsletter offer a free trial period to taste the possibilities. I recommend purchasing credits or subscriptions to these tools to fully unleash their potential and accelerate your learning curve. A particularly worthwhile investment is the OpenAI subscription for just $20/month, serving as a key resource for your AI journey. Subscriptions are cancellable monthly in almost all cases. I will focus on the essential players and not use a perfect niche tool for every task.